Day 171: Foo Who?

So much for sleeping in! Having slept around 2 or 3 a.m., the summer heat woke us up around 7 a.m. We weren’t the only ones, though. Unzipping our tent and stepping out, we saw our neighbors up, as well. No one could sleep in what felt like a sauna.

When we overheard our neighbors complaining that the line for the showers (15 minutes away at The Hub) was so long that they didn’t bother waiting, my friend and I decided to settle for waiting till the next morning, given that we didn’t feel that dirty. Plus, we had wipes. #camping #roughingit

Since the heat made it impossible to sleep again, we pulled out our chairs from the car and essentially sat, drank, chatted, read, and were called out by a 17-year-old neighbor for reading at a music festival, until it was an appropriate time to make The Trek to the festival grounds.

The best discovery was the Garnier Fructis Salon tent, where a female-dominated crowd of all ages took advantage of free hair washing and styling. Of course, such attractive services at a music festival resulted in what ended up being a two-hour wait. At least the tent had free charging stations, TVs (playing Garnier ads, of course), and catchy music playing overhead to fill our time. In addition to the long wait, another price we had to pay was missing the Young the Giant meet-and-greet.

VH1 at the Garnier Fructis Salon tent at Firefly Music Festival 2014
A VH1 host interviews a festivalgoer as she gets her hair washed for free. Luckily we managed to avoid the repetitive “How do you feel?” questions.

And while we were sitting outside the tent under the shade watching our phones charge (sitting inside on the floor is a liability, according to a Firefly stickler-employee), someone from my high school seated just a few feet away recognized me. I was surprised to see him or anyone I knew, for that matter.

Bumped into someone from my high school at Firefly
Bumped into someone from my high school at Firefly.
Post-hair Garnier Fructis wash
After two-hour wait, we didn’t bother waiting more after our hair was washed to have it styled. #festivalselfie

Finally, we got to watch some shows, starting off with Arctic Monkeys. Having never seen what they look like, I realized the band’s look definitely fits its name, with slick-backed hair and an overall trendy vibe I really liked.

Waiting for Arctic Monkeys at Firefly 2014
Waiting for Arctic Monkeys under the sun.

Then we saw Young the Giant, a very energetic band live.

Young the Giant at Firefly Music Festival 2014
Young the Giant!

But this was also the day I fully realized the necessity of knowing the songs of performers to enjoy fully a show. Otherwise, you’re left standing there wondering whether you really like this band—and in the worst case, not digging the music—while everyone else is going crazy and having the time of their lives—with or without some “help.”

Case in point: Although I knew the popularity of the Foo Fighters, I was unfamiliar with their music. On a chilly night and tired from the long day, I simply couldn’t enjoy their show. And when they ended up playing five more songs I didn’t know after an insistent crowd pressured them back on stage? I’m sure I’m insulting so many people, but considering everything, I couldn’t help but think, Nooooo. Can we just leave?

Ah, well. At least my friend and, well, everyone else had the time of their lives.