Day 169: Rehoboth Beach

Went to Rehoboth Beach today with my friend from Boston! The trip was pretty last minute, as we actually decided to go at about 10 the night before, and the temperatures reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still, I had never been to this beach before and found it to be very similar to Bethany Beach just down the coast and much better than Ocean City and Atlantic City. In other words, Rehoboth Beach is my new go-to beach. It’s the closest and seems the least crowded (though that may be biased since I went on a Wednesday. Still during summer, though).

Rehoboth Beach
Really loved the beach in Delaware.

The drive itself was pleasant, too. It felt great to drive through miles and miles of farmland. Sure, it’s easy to make fun of people who live in such remote places (“Where can people even go get groceries?” and “Ooh, the library looks new and modern. That must have been an exciting addition to this quaint little middle-of-nowhere town”) but all the greenery just makes you appreciative of a change of scenery, especially after a semester in Shanghai.

Driving to Rehoboth Beach

We also ended up parking right behind a car with this…interesting (?) sticker.

Car at Rehoboth Beach