Day 159: Back to Normal

After having a very good night’s sleep (meaning I only woke up once and slept till 11 a.m.), I woke up returning to routine. I walked past the office where my dog was waiting anxiously to be let out. At the kitchen island, I saw that my mom had made me her special oatmeal—with soy milk and a little something extra, this time some Asian red seed-looking things that are supposed to be “good for women.” Great description, I know. // Edit: Just realized they’re goji berries. Not a fan.

With oatmeal in hand and my dog following me to the living room couch, I sat down and turned on the TV.

It was as if I hadn’t been gone for four months. My dog stayed by me, as I flipped through the channels and made an easy choice: ABC’s Shark Tank. It felt great to return to such a comfortable and relaxing routine.

Morning routine
My favorite kind of morning 🙂
She loves me.