Day 158: America

Family reunion

Despite going to bed at 4 a.m. and getting up at 6 a.m., I ended up only getting about an hour of sleep because I couldn’t fall asleep the first hour. Don’t get me wrong—I was exhausted but I guess knowing it was the last night in Shanghai kept me up.

When we were all awake again, it was a blur of packing, cleaning, and tossing things out by leaving them by the door.

Soon enough, we gathered by the bus at the front gate of Tonghe and said our initial goodbyes. Most of us spent the 30-minute ride to the Pudong airport asleep, and it gave me some satisfaction knowing that others also got either very little sleep or none at all.

Airport dropoff
Unloading our luggage from the bus at the Pudong airport.

Now about that 15-hour flight…ugh. What is there to say other than how extremely uncomfortable any flight beyond three hours is? I slept through most of it, with too many instances of waking up feeling sore.

But those last 30 minutes observing the beautiful, sunny landscape full of green trees breathing in clean, fresh air made me feel incredibly happy. When we finally landed, I immediately pulled out my iPhone. I had been thinking of the perfect Facebook status to describe being back in America. I was ready for that LTE lightening speed Internet.

That, and reuniting with my family, of course 🙂

Family reunion
So happy to be reunited with the family 🙂
Family reunion
Love ya, sis 🙂

You could say my transition back to America was a slow one…

Fei Long Supermarket
This random Asian supermarket in Brooklyn WOULD be our first stop, after having spent four months in China.
Fei Long Supermarket beef
Did I ever leave China?
Fei Long Supermarket coconut juice
At least I know what this delicious drink is.
East Harbor Seafood Palace
And my first meal would be Chinese. At least the food was great and it was with my family 🙂

I slept some more on the three-hour drive back home, where I was greeted by an ecstatic and adorable B!


I hope to write one final blog post about Shanghai—including some of my favorite posts. But first, I should probably start unpacking…