Day 157: Last Day in Shanghai

Shrimp wonton noodles

I spent most of my last full day in Shanghai enjoying the city with my roommate. For lunch, we tried a Cantonese-style restaurant at the food mall in Wujiaochang.

Shrimp wonton noodles
Starting off our day out with yummy shrimp wonton noodles.
Red bean-filled pumpkin dessert
A weird but good red bean-filled pumpkin dessert.

We then headed to Muji, where we each got paper and envelopes to write thank-you cards/letters to some people. The store certainly exudes a simplistic, modern vibe but sometimes I just don’t get how they can charge so much for so little. This wallet, for example…

Muji wallet
For a wallet in a cardboard box, this seems a tad expensive.

We met up with another friend for our last gel manicure and then dinner at Whisk, a highly recommended Max Brenner-like restaurant. I hadn’t heard of it before and therefore didn’t have as high of expectations as my friends, so I thoroughly enjoyed it, whereas they just thought it was great but not amazing.

Whisk Shanghai
Enjoying amazingly chocolate-y desserts after our yummy pasta dishes at Whisk, the Max Brenner in Shanghai.

Before heading home from the long day out, we enjoyed some drinks and nachos at Shanghai Brewery with my roommate’s supervisor. I had hoped that I could also see and say goodbye to my supervisor but she couldn’t make it.

Shanghai Brewery nachos
Despite a satisfying dinner, we still enjoyed a plate of nachos at Shanghai Brewery afterward.

Unfortunately, none of us had finished (or, for my roommate, started) packing by the time we got home around midnight. As a result, we stayed up until 4 a.m. on our last night in Shanghai packing and writing letters. We had thought about clubbing all night but procrastination can be a bitch. Still, I enjoyed the final night bonding with my roommate and reflecting on my AMAZING time in Shanghai.