Day 156: Farewell Dinner

BU Study Abroad Spring 2014

Despite feeling really self-conscious about letting my hair down post-haircut, I’m actually thankful for my Chinese professor taking away my hair tie before taking our Chinese oral exams.

For the rest of the day, which included a last-minute trip to the fake market on West Nanjing Road for souvenirs, I didn’t tie my hair back up. Of course, I still complained a lot and couldn’t stop touching my bangs but it takes time!

We had our farewell dinner tonight with all the Chinese teachers and some Fudan SSDPP folks. The food was absolutely delicious. Oh, and it was at the Really Good Seafood Restaurant—the one we all thought we ate at on one of our first days here.

BU Study Abroad Spring 2014
Zhao Yue’s LC211 and LC212 students 🙂
Really Good Seafood Restaurant
A yummy bowl of rice with Japanese-style fish toppings that few of the students actually liked. Despite being so full at this point, I still ate most of it 🙂