Day 135: Smoked Meat

An arrogant architect chatted with my roommate and me at the Montreal deli Tock’s after we left work and before we headed to internship seminar. Not sure if “arrogant architect” is a thing, but this man in particular sure loved to talk about his hectic life to two young and innocent strangers.

Don’t get me wrong—he is a very interesting person. He, as well as his entire family from Michigan, speaks fluent Chinese (discovery made based on a rather loud phone conversation, on which it was impossible not to eavesdrop). He has a legitimate position working at a firm that helped design the Shanghai Tower. He was apparently featured as a “bachelor” for a City Weekend insert. And he’s still not married—probably due to his ridiculously long hours that don’t allow him to eat meals or sleep for 30 hours straight.

Anyway, this stranger aside, the expensive smoked meat sandwich was totally worth it. Definitely comparable to the one I tried in Montreal last summer.

Tock's smoked meat sandwich
I’ll try to return one last time to try Tock’s delicious smoked meat sandwich.