Day 129: Aerial Yoga

Om Factory Shanghai aerial yoga

My first instinct when browsing through the types of yoga classes that this new yoga studio in Shanghai offered was that I definitely would not try aerial yoga.

But as you may have guessed already, I did it—and wouldn’t mind never trying it again.

It’s not that it isn’t fun. In fact, aerial yoga is certainly in many ways a lighter version of the more serious types of yoga, such as Bikram. Being on such fun-colored hammocks also makes everything look so graceful—when done correctly.

But it makes you dizzy and look silly when attempting to do complex moves as an amateur. I surprised myself when I managed to do poses like the one below, but especially poses such as the shoulder stand and the child pose (my tights and hips will hurt for a while).

Om Factory Shanghai aerial yoga
This was one of the easier poses, if you can believe it.
Om Factory Shanghai aerial yoga
Beautiful color combo.