Day 122: Hairy Tofu

I was only one of two students who decided to wake up at 5 a.m. to see how tofu is made in Chengkan, especially hairy tofu, the village’s specialty.

The smell aside, it was worth it! For one batch, it takes about three hours, and this man woke up at 2 a.m. to work on two batches!

"Sesame" soup
Adding “sesame” soup to tofu to make stinky tofu.
Freshly made tofu
Freshly made tofu!
Extremely fresh tofu
Extremely fresh tofu soup. So good.
Adorable cat
Adorable cat in Chengkan.
Chengkan 818 breakfast
Breakfast full of bao? Heck yes.
Beginning our hike up to the tea leave bushes.
Chengkan tea leaf picking
Picking tea leaves!
Exploring more of Chengkan.
Chengkan children
Right after I took this, these adorable kids felt embarrassed and shoo’d us away.
Chengkan's Mr. Luo
Learning about the history of Chengkan’s buildings.
Making tea in Chengkan
Watching the tea leaves we picked earlier being made into tea!

Since it was our last day in the village, after dinner and before our outdoor viewing of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” the village chief invited us for a brief interview, where he asked us questions on our impressions and how to improve the village’s tourism while retaining its roots. Our trip coordinator told us this interview was especially valuable because we are the first group of this size to visit. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that we were able to contribute much of our thoughts, being such a large group and with only ten minutes with the chief. Nevertheless, he appreciated our input and welcomed us to return in the future.