Day 115: The Lucky Ones

Never have I been more appreciative of my time here in Shanghai and interning for Shanghai Expat than today. And I’m going to miss dearly all these amazing experiences. Knowing that the program will end within weeks scares me. Heck, I don’t even have a plan for summer yet. But as long as I’m still here, I have to make the most of it.

Allow me to list three ways in which I feel lucky, all demonstrated today:

1) Interning in the same office as my roommate. We have moments like these.


2) Interning right near East Nanjing Road, where amazing food is just across the street—more specifically, Pizza Express. And having a nice lunch with coworkers is always nice 🙂

Pizza Express pumpkin soup
The pumpkin soup at Pizza Express was divine.

3) Just interning at Shanghai Expat. I mean, just look at the places I get to go to—and write about! That’s my job?!

The Glamour Bar Shanghai
A colorful bar rests in between two others at The Glamour Bar.
The Glamour Bar Shanghai
Passionfruit Margarita
The Glamour Bar Shanghai
Sample of the “bites and fritters.”
The Glamour Bar Shanghai
Sample of the “baby buns.”
M on the Bund salmon
By far the best salmon I’ve ever tasted.
M on the Bund dessert platter
Going all out with the dessert platter.