Day 111: Penguin Publishing

Even though I had quite a lot of work to get done, I decided to go to the Hopkins China Forum that my history professor emailed me about. The managing director of Penguin Books in China, Jo Lusby, spoke about her role and publishing in China—because interestingly enough, you can’t actually publish anything in China, only do everything up to that point, such as translations. The event held at the Wooden Box cafe near West Nanjing Road had a pretty huge turnout, despite the rain.

I didn’t stay afterward to see if I could grab a copy of one of the limited number of China-related books she had brought (her assistant claimed that we needed to have bought a drink to get one…), or to network. Frankly, I just wanted to get home and do work. (Yeah, how unfortunate.) Thankfully, this next week will be comparatively calmer. No field trip this weekend or essays or dictations. Finally time to relax.

Young China Watchers lecture
Seated in the second row at the Wooden Box on Qinghai Road.