Day 105: Curiosity

It’s amazing how quickly and surreptitiously I can take photos now. Today, for example, I saw someone in a cute bear costume outside one of Fudan’s dining halls. I have no idea why it was there, but I just had to try to snap a photo. Given how quickly I did it, I didn’t expect to have taken a good shot, but somehow, I came out with this:

Bear costume on Fudan campus

IT’S NOT BLURRY. And it even aligns perfectly according to photography’s “rule of thirds.” Amazed. I also finally took a photo of one of Fudan’s many roaming cats. Usually, I don’t have the balls to whip out my phone and take a photo, with people around, but this time, I had taken a route with no one around, and the cat didn’t run away before I managed to take a photo. Success.

Cat on Fudan campus
Finally got a photo of one of the many roaming cats on Fudan’s campus.