Day 96: Summer Palace

No thanks to having no access to VPN while in Beijing, I seem to be having a hard time catching up with the blog posts. With it being almost 2 a.m. three days after the following events, I am actually sacrificing sleep to blog. I’d say that’s some serious dedication—with a touch of insanity.

The highlight of today was definitely the Summer Palace. Before we visited, however, we returned to Tiananmen Square to explore the National Museum of China. Inside, among the many things to see and remember, of course a statue of Mao had to be included.

National Museum of China
A huge Mao statue inside the Mao exhibit in the National Museum of China.

Funnily enough, as we were about to head out, a cute Chinese girl asked my roommate if she could take a photo with her. #whitepeopleinChinaproblems

Chinese fascination with white people
A Chinese kid approached my roommate at the National Museum for a photo.

Fortunately, the weather again was beautiful, making strolling through Summer Palace truly relaxing and enjoyable. Oh, and full of #ART opportunities.

Summer Palace Summer Palace

Summer Palace
The bronze vase, deer, and crane signify peaceful togetherness.
Pedal boating in Summer Palace
Pedal boating to the sunset at Summer Palace.
Summer Palace
Summer Palace
Marble boat in Summer Palace
The Marble boat in Summer Palace.
Bird's Nest at night
Made a quick stop at the Bird’s Nest to see it lit up at night.