Day 89: Sunday ‘Funday’

Another full day! At least I did get some time to myself to do some more fun exploration.

I started off with my first-ever Pilates class at Body Concept near West Nanjing Road. For some reason, I expected it to be a class with at least a few other people, but when I arrived, I found out it would be a private class, given that I’ve never done Pilates before and an actual class would have been too fast-paced for a beginner like me. All the better? (Seriously, what is with me and private classes…).

Body Concept Pilates Studio
Tried Pilates for the first time!
Body Concept Pilates Studio
My private Pilates instructor.

Since I had some time after Pilates before hosting Shanghai Expat’s Sunday coffee meeting at The Coffee Bean, I decided to explore a really cool area above the West Nanjing Road metro station, directly parallel to West Nanjing Road.

Shopping and restaurants above West Nanjing Road metro station
Shopping and restaurants above the West Nanjing Road metro station.

I had been to this square once before when I went to review Helen Nail Spa. This time, I decided to explore the many shops and restaurants and found this gem of a Korean restaurant (still don’t know the name of it, since it was in Korean, but I’m pretty sure there’s another one in the Henderson Metropolitan shopping center on East Nanjing Road).

Korean food in Shanghai
Post-Pilates lunch: DELICIOUS Korean food in Shanghai.

Interestingly enough, many people in Shanghai (especially in Fudan’s dining halls) eat alone and often share a table with complete strangers. I took up a table for four, so it was inevitable that a group of three girls (after apparently shopping at H&M with their bags) came to sit with me. It’s awkward, but I’ve had three men sit at the same table as me in the Fudan dining hall before, so…I’d say this was a step up. Plus, the girl across from me seemed friendly enough since she smiled at me when she caught me taking the photo below. I can’t help it, okay?

Of course I get bibimbap.

Afterward, I walked around some more and finally tried the egg tart at Lillian Bakery. People say they’re the best—and taking just one bite into the warm, eggy tart confirms this.

Lillian Bakery
It’s true. Lillian Bakery has the best egg tarts (4.5RMB each).

Even after arriving in Xintiandi, I had about 45 minutes before I needed to be at The Coffee Bean, so I spent most of that time visiting another museum (you’d think I’d be sick of them by now…). But since my history professor and I were too late yesterday to go see it, I figured I would go today since it was just around the corner of the coffee shop.

The Museum of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
Visiting the Museum of the First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

Finally, before going to “work” (i.e., a mostly fun networking event), I happened to see something that just made me smile.

Dog on two legs in Shanghai

I kept looking back, and it seemed as if the dog just randomly walked on two legs every now and then. I’m so glad I got to witness that and take a photo.

Shanghai Expat Sunday coffee meeting
Here solo-hosting my second Shanghai Expat Sunday coffee meeting at Xintiandi’s The Coffee Bean.

One last note: I had a nice chat with a former journalism professor (who got a Fulbright to teach in China) who worked as a field producer at CNN for 20 years and is now working at ICS (International Channel Shanghai). Yay for meeting cool people!