Day 87: Two Monitors

Shanghai Expat has been working on switching to a newly designed website for a while now, and today, I got to proofread the website. Since the website isn’t public yet and my MacBook Air can’t connect to the necessary plug to access the website, I had to use a co-worker’s computer (she wasn’t in the office today). As a designer (I’m actually just assuming her job is the reason), she uses two computer monitors, and after switching back and forth between tabs and then realizing I can be much more productive by taking advantage of the second monitor, I was so happy.

I had just read a New York Times article last week on using two monitors, and whaddya know? One week later, I discover its amazingness. The article, though, was against the use of two monitors. But I must say I am for it.

Two computer screens
Working with two computer monitors is the best.