Day 59: Smog, Unedited

So, these past two days, the view from my office has pretty much looked like this.

Shanghai smog
Um. What.
Shanghai smog
You don’t really notice how bad the air really is until you’re on the 15th floor of a building in downtown Shanghai.

Today, I finally decided to take photos of the surprisingly terrible view/air quality. I think today, though, definitely reigns supreme in terms of visibility, with the rainy weather to top the bad air. And I edit all the photos I post here, whether it’s sharpening a photo or brightening it. But I knew that editing these photos would be pointless. Smog is smog.

At least my lunch break with my roommate (yes, we actually work in the same office, at the same table, in the break room on two out of the three days we’re in) was so, so good—exactly what I had been craving.

Yummie House
The perfect lunch combination: Curry, rice, vegetables.