Day 58: Lucidity

Sometimes, you have these moments where your mind suddenly steps back and views a situation you’re currently experiencing, whether good or bad, with extreme lucidity. Or maybe you don’t, in which case, try imagining the introductory scene of movies where the protagonist is narrating some particular moment in his/her life. That’s what I felt.

So, in a more cliched way of speaking, my life basically seemed like a movie to me, because today, it finally hit me. (It took only almost three weeks in Shanghai to realize this.)

It started during dinner at a new Mexican restaurant in Shanghai called Dos Locos. But really, it’s just a Chinese copycat of Chipotle. You would think it would be cheaper, but it’s actually about $10, compared to Chipotle’s ~$7. Anyway, more details when I write the review for Shanghai Expat 🙂

Dos Locos burrito
First bite: Disappointing medley of lettuce and corn with no meat, rice, or beans.
Dos Locos brownie and cookie
The “pot” brownie and 200mg caffeinated chocolate chip cookie from Dos Locos are deliciously filling.

With my supervisor and his boss, we met with the marketing manager and, later, her boss. Conversation flowed pretty smoothly, and I found myself really enjoying the interview/dinner, in spite of those small social insecurities that never quite go away. After all, I was dining with people who I had just met, and two were my bosses. Plus, this was my first Shanghai Expat assignment that involved interviewing someone. The whole experience felt distantly familiar.

But I didn’t want to think too much about what was actually happening during the dinner, because I knew that if I really thought about how I—a new, unpaid, 20-year-old intern—was conversing with a general manager, PR and marketing director, digital publisher, and features editor…man, the nerves would have just ruined everything.

Metro stop
Had high hopes for an empty subway car with so few people waiting at this particular stop, until the subway with full cars rushed past.

And I just want to note how I totally expected to write an amazing blog post about today. Really. Continuing these sudden lucid moments, while I was on my 25-minute walk back to my dorm from the closest metro station, I basically had this long stream of consciousness consisting of what I had thought were profound thoughts. I even seriously thought about recording my thoughts while walking through the streets like a crazy person. I mean, maybe not crazy, because people actually do this and recommend doing so. But then again, the purpose may not necessarily be for “profound” blog posts.

Blogging daily is getting tougher with such a busy schedule now, but I’ll definitely try. So much to do.