Day 48: Old Shanghai

We spent our second rainy day today exploring the area surrounding People’s Square, including the lilong alley neighborhoods and the Shanghai Museum.

Shanghai's lilong alley neighborhoods

Shanghai's lilong alley neighborhoods
Residents in Shanghai’s lilong alley neighborhoods actually use these elliptical-like machines to exercise.
Shanghai's lilong alley neighborhoods
The cold and rainy weather prevented us from seeing the usual liveliness of these quarters.
Shanghai's lilong alley neighborhoods
Bulletin boards keep residents up-to-date on everyday life.
Catholic church
A Catholic church to be demolished soon.
Mao Zedong mural
The only mural our tour guide has seen of the famous painting depicting young Mao Zedong leading a miners’ strike.
Specialty shops
Specialty shops selling pet animals cluster in an area of Shanghai.

After the long day of touring, we managed to get the entire group to go out to try a lounge called I Love Shanghai. I realized I’m pretty terrible at playing darts (I hit the wall) but somehow hit the bullseye on my fourth try. Of course I had to document this pure stroke of luck.

I Love Shanghai lounge
Playing darts at the lounge called I Love Shanghai.