Day 38: Food

I can’t believe it. After more weeks than I would like to count of waiting (and waiting…and waiting…) to leave for Shanghai, the moment is now just within 24 hours. Despite all the time I’ve had, I still feel as if I’m not prepared enough.

I mean, I still need to do my first official blog post on preparing to leave for Shanghai (no, this doesn’t count). And…I need to post on Facebook about it. And…man, the Internet clearly wins in terms of pre-departure priorities. What packing?

Anyway, look out for an update on a pre-departure post soon. As for now, here’s how I spent my last day in Maryland gorging on foods I love. Yes, can’t get enough of food photos.

Yoyogi Sushi
I used to go here almost every week before my violin lessons nearby. You can’t find anything like its California rolls anywhere else.
Coldstone ice cream
Chunky ice cream is the best. This cake batter with cookie dough and brownie cup definitely satisfied my appetite.
Green Lentil And Green Chile Burger
Although meatless, the green lentil and green chile burger at Great Sage in Columbia is a fantastic alternative.
Green Lentil And Green Chile Burger
Close-up of the burger.