Day 34: Exploration

Since my friend was occupied with classes all day, her friends were kind enough to show me around campus.

Her roommate took me to visit a few local shops along 9th St.

One can find a variety of unique gifts and other items at Vaguely Reminiscent on 9th St.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Blu Seafood and Bar.

Seasonal vegetable platter
Blu Seafood & Bar’s seasonal vegetable platter with grits was delicious.
Shrimp and grits
We also tried the shrimp and grits.

Afterward, another new friend, despite being sick, offered to show me around campus and the garden. I couldn’t feel more appreciative!

Duke Chapel
Standing in front of the beautiful Duke Chapel.

As with other posts where I include more than one photo, the first one will always be my default choice for this project’s purposes. I could have taken a lot more photos today, especially of the garden. But then I know I wouldn’t be able to resist posting them. Not necessarily a bad thing, though.