Day 32: Making Up for Forgetfulness

It has finally happened. I missed a day of this 365 day photo project. But I don’t regret why it has happened, only that it has.

Arrived at Duke University today to visit a close high school friend for a few days. One of the first things to notice is the bench painting.

Students follow Duke University's bench decorating tradition before games with rival UNC.
Students follow Duke University’s bench decorating tradition before games with rival UNC.

Apparently, students burn the benches if they win the game with UNC. Not too big on sports but definitely an interesting tradition. Also noteworthy of the campus: It’s incredibly huge. You must take buses to travel from east to central to west campus because everything is so spread out. Driving already would take five minutes to go from one end to the other. Being so used to walking at most 15 minutes to class at BU, I can’t imagine being forced to wait for and take the bus every time I wanted to go anywhere, let alone classes.

But hey, at least Duke gives off a traditional college campus vibe. Really scenic.

I really enjoy Duke University's traditional campus vibe.
I really enjoy Duke University’s traditional campus vibe.

Note: Wrote this post via smartphone for the first time. Mobile version looks surprisingly consistent with its full website but definitely has its flaws. I definitely prefer using a computer or anything with a bigger screen.