Day 21: Snow—What Else?

Temperatures dropped at least 20 degrees since yesterday, and about five to seven inches of snow have fallen throughout Howard County, MD, with an estimated additional one inch to fall overnight. (If you haven’t heard of yet, then bookmark it now.)

Snow, snow, snow.

Of course, the snow resulted in school and business closings, but what do I care, right? I am STILL stuck at home for the next three, very long, torturous weeks.

I’ve also begun compiling an embarrassingly long list of movies and TV shows I’ve watched within the past month. I may or may not end up publishing it. But I like keeping records, especially, you know, with all this free time.

I do feel that I’ve been rather selfish, however, with how I’ve been spending my time. Occasionally, I’ll look up service opportunities in the area, but for some reason or another, I find myself thinking about how “lame” it would be go volunteer alone and most likely with a bunch of high schoolers. And then I’ll think about how absolutely ridiculous that sounds.

I’ll keep an eye out. After this snow clears up a bit.