Day 4: Rekindling Relationships

Ah, high school. Returning home for college breaks and reuniting with your old high school group of friends can be both good and bad. Some people love to rekindle their high school memories. Others want to cut their ties altogether. Me? I’m stuck in the middle.

Yes, most of us had at least one group of friends we would hang out with, but I was that person who only ever connected with a few people in that group. As a result, I feel totally okay with not participating in group events, given that I only barely keep in touch or care to chat with one or two people anyway. This may be seen as antisocial, but I see it as spending my time with people I actually talk to and care about.

Still, tonight, this one friend in particular convinced me to attend a gathering, and long story short, a lot of bad planning led to some failures, but in the end, it all worked out.

Unhealthy food temptations hit me everywhere, from pizza to sugary Asian drinks. However, I found it quite easy to deny these while at the group gathering.

Resisting Temptations
The success of resisting temptations of pizza and sugary drinks was overshadowed by the failure to resist another.

When my friend and I left the group, she suggested we get frozen yogurt. After all, our night had been cut short, since the group proceeded with going to another event. (Sorry for all the generalities. I like detail, too, but I’m on a time crunch and this post would be longer than anyone would care to read—although this “event” would have led to an awesome photo today. Oh, well.)

So, we enjoyed some frozen yogurt (hey, it’s my second-to-last last night before I “officially” begin Paleo. Yep, decided Monday would be best, since apparently having a social life can be pretty tough on keeping diets) and caught up on our collegiate lives until the doors closed at 11 p.m. (read: we felt pressured by employees to leave.) We will meet one final time before she heads back to school this week. It’s interesting to note that I give in to frozen yogurt when I’m with a close friend and manage to resist so easily all the other temptations with a larger, less familiar group.

Despite the discomfort I felt earlier in the night with joining a group event with people I frankly never communicate with anymore (and giving in to definitely non-Paleo food), I’m glad to have caught up with my friend tonight and look forward to our final meet-up before the next semester and its accompanying adventures begin.

And thank you to the very few readers 🙂