Day 2: Failed Packaging, An Asian Perspective

EDIT: So I’m technically posting more than one photo from today, but let’s just say the first photo is the default.

When you hear the word, “textbook,” you probably don’t jump for joy or feel extremely happy about one arriving in the mail. Today, I made the mistake of doing the latter (but wouldn’t that be quite the image if I did the former…).

Once that doorbell rang and I learned that the package was for me, I knew it could be either one or more of the dirt-cheap books I ordered on Amazon on smart thinking and how to win friends and influence people (no, really, that’s the title of the book, and yes, I bought it, but it’s actually a bestseller), or this mammoth:

Bent cover, pages
My new textbook now with a bent cover and pages.

Now why would I be happy to receive such a surprisingly heavy textbook during winter break? Some of you can probably guess, but it’s for one of my study abroad classes at Shanghai’s Fudan University (stay tuned, by the way, for study abroad posts starting early February—or most likely late January due to restlessness). But here’s the thing, the book came in some pretty terrible packaging, especially for a new textbook. As a result, some hideous folds have permanently marked my precious, fat, soft-cover textbook.

I mean, just look at it.

Close-up of bent textbook cover

And you’d think that maybe the shipper just didn’t care much about the packaging, but let me take you through the tedious process I endured to open this baby. (For those of you who can’t help but keep books in its pristine condition and read with books barely open and cringe when even one page is folded—seriously, use a bookmark—you should understand this pain). The worst part of it is, the multiple layers of packaging gave me hope that the book actually would be in great condition.

  1. Attempted to pull the adhesive by hand, until I realized scissors would probably do the job more effectively. It did, until I reached a tough corner. But then all I see is some more packaging. Okay, no problem.
  2. After opening the second layer, I see what I thought was the textbook but turned out to be some thin plastic, with a particularly wrinkled corner. Oh, no. But it’s alright, it’s only the plastic, right?
  3. Nope. After thinking how useless that plastic, shopping bag-like cover was, I finally see the bright orange and red textbook. BUT THAT CORNER…
Failed Packaging
My textbook arrived inside some pretty bad packaging.

Yes, I acknowledge the silliness in worrying about such a superficial thing—it’s not like the textbook has missing pages, writing, etc. So although I’m not looking forward to dragging the extra weight this and my other also-heavy textbook will add to my luggage, I can’t hold my excitement for Shanghai! (Don’t be surprised if I somehow find a way to incorporate study abroad in most of my daily photo posts, even before going to Shanghai.)

And on a much lighter, unrelated topic: I made spaghetti squash for the first time today 🙂 I figured since I wrote about food yesterday, I should focus on something else today. I’m super proud of the delicious dish and look forward to cooking more!

I also could have written about the snowstorm apparently ravaging the Northeast, but clearly I think a textbook is less boring than snow (when associated with going to Shanghai, it is).

One final note: I received an unprecedented 85 views from yesterday and today on my first post for this 365 day photo project, just from sharing it to Facebook. I mean, who knew people cared about raw almonds so much? Okay, the post was more than just a photo of almonds but still. I’m curious to know how many views I would get if I don’t share this one. I guess we’ll find out. Despite having confidently low expectations, I can’t ignore the dilemma in sharing, annoying some people, perhaps disappointing others considering the high standard apparently set yesterday, and receiving a ton of views (which basically translate to my happiness) versus not sharing, not annoying people, and receiving, well, let’s not go there.