Writers I Follow

Because I apparently read a lot. Below are writers I currently love reading.

(I definitely am missing a few. I’ll keep updating this list and maybe add brief descriptions of what each write about. All links open in a new window.)

The Atlantic
Alexis C. Madrigal
Olga Khazan
Megan Garber
Emily Badger
John Metcalfe
Jenny Xie
Eric Jaffe

The New Yorker
Malcolm Gladwell

Erin Griffith
Hamish McKenzie
David Holmes (also on Fast Company)

Fast Company
Alice Truong
Austin Carr

Wall Street Journal
Farhad Manjoo (though I can’t completely disagree with Gawker’s annoyances about him…)

Business Insider
Caroline Moss
Nicholas Carlson
Ashley Lutz
Jay Yarow
Julie Bort

New York Times
David Carr

Christopher Mims

Lauren Landry
Hillary Milnes
Gillis Bernard

Nieman Journalism Lab
Joshua Benton
Justin Ellis

Whom I Should Read More From
»Also just realized these are all men. Where are the women covering tech and business?
David Pogue: Former NYT tech columnist, not much at Yahoo! at the moment
Brian X. ChenNYT tech reporter
Michael MorisyGlobe reporter on startups and more
Scott KirsnerGlobe columnist on New England’s innovation economy
Brian Stelter: All-around amazing journalist now at CNN
Marlow Stern: The Daily Beast’s entertainment writer (because culture is important, too!)
Herman Wong: Quartz‘s social media editor whose China coverage really interests me
Walter Frick: Associate editor at Harvard Business Review covering entrepreneurship, digital tech, etc., formerly at BostInno
Kevin Roose: Columnist at New York magazine covering tech, Wall Street, etc.
Matthew Yglesias: Business and economics correspondent at Slate