It’s Been A Great Semester, Business Insider (Business Insider: Analysis #12)

By Sonia Su

Reflection time! Tracking Business Insider for my online journalism class this semester has been an interesting ride.

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From early (and consistent) frustrations to some surprising, original content, BI has overall been a decent news site. It’s a combination of sites like BuzzFeed, BostInno and even Huffington Post. There will occasionally be some original reporting, which is always refreshing. But most of the time, BI reports posts from reddit and other sites — not okay. Its weaknesses, if they weren’t obvious by now, include its slideshows and strange tendency to take bad-quality screenshots of videos.

It was nice to see that BI actually produced its own videos, as well, but they could definitely use some improvement. I would like to see a section devoted only to videos, though its YouTube channel is a nice step toward multimedia integration.

My favorite analysis? Grading BI’s social media. While the grades I gave may have been slightly generous, I’m glad to see its social media presence on Facebook improving. I actually see SLIGHTLY more interesting updates on my Newsfeed, rather than simply posts with only the links to content.

On a final note, I’ll say that Business Insider still has a lot of room for improvement with its multimedia and even website design. (Think Mashable, Quartz, Medium, USA Today, etc., whose website designs I love.) I look forward to seeing more from Business Insider.