10 Things We Need To Know (Business Insider: Analysis #8)

By Sonia Su

I’m in a bit of a time crunch this morning, so this post seems fitting.

Business Insider, like many other news sites, posts a list of “must-read” links intended to catch people up on what they should know. This morning’s “10 Things You Need To Know” post is definitely very interesting.

Bad hyperlink example
Avoid at all costs creating links with just “click here.” / CREDIT: pwsatusf.wordpress.com

I like that they don’t just post the title and link to the article (I like that it all links to their own content, unlike other sites that would link to just about anything on the web). Instead, they offer a quick summary blurb and hyperlink the text properly. What is proper hyperlinking, you ask? Thanks to my computer science class last semester that stressed accessibility, alt text, etc., I now can spot good and hyperlinking. (Cue wave of egotism.)

Basically, links should be able to stand alone — readers (people using screen readers, in particular) should be able to read the link alone and understand where it will take them. So, anything like “click here” or “read more” or any vague variation is actually bad. But I can’t say I haven’t done “click here” before. In fact, I used that for my older Her Campus posts. I now get slightly irked whenever I see bad links.

So thank you, BI, for understanding accessible hyperlinks.

Now off the class! Let me know what you think.