Business Insider vs. LA Times on Lululemon Recall (Business Insider: Analysis #7)

By Sonia Su

By now, almost every news outlet has covered the story on Lululemon’s $98 Luon black yoga pants being recalled for being “too sheer.” Some say that this recall also predicts the athletic clothing company’s potential decrease in revenues, especially since these particular pants represent 17 percent its women’s bottoms. Lululemon has not yet determined the cause of the sheerness, according to its FAQ.

I’m going to stop there with the background, because I know this recall is probably not news to anyone at this point (really, why is everyone writing about pants that are too pricy, in my opinion? Ironic, I know). As BostInno puts it, the Internet freaked out about these pants. Instead, I’m going to compare the multimedia coverage between Business Insider and Los Angeles Times.

The Lululemon Luon black yoga pants. / FLICKR, CC
The Lululemon Luon black yoga pants. / FLICKR, CC

Below are all of BI’s posts on Lululemon’s recall

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Whereas LA Times only published one post…

As Lululemon recalls too-sheer black yoga pants, its stock sinks

The main difference is that BI seems to like to take advantage of a trending topic and cover it nonstop, which is interesting and admittedly effective. However, LA Times’ one post has two redeeming multimedia-related qualities that BI doesn’t in really any of their posts. And those are a video and a poll. I must say, though, that I still prefer BI’s posts over LA Times’ one. BI gives different perspectives and offers a richer look into Lululemon has a company. LA Times sticks to more traditional reporting, whereas BI has a more blog-like style.

What do you think?