iPhone App Slideshow (Business Insider: Analysis #2)

By Sonia Su

Business Insider published on Saturday morning a post titled, “16 Apps For Your iPhone That Are Better Than What Apple Made.” Unfortunately, based on last week’s and this week’s analyses, I’ve noticed that unlike its competitors like Mashable, Business Insider does not embed multimedia such as slideshows into its posts. Instead, it simply provides large link text to a separate page with only the said multimedia content. I question how many people would just stop after reading the short post and not bother clicking the link to the actual content, because that link only creates an unnecessary click (yay for pay-per-click advertising?), but sites should be considering the reader by making accessing content as straightforward as possible.

Mailbox app
Mailbox app / CREDIT: Kevin Smith for Business Insider

Nevertheless, I clicked the link. What initially attracted me to this post was the reference to a list (“16 apps…”). After all, with BuzzFeed, reddit, and other aggregation sites, it is clear we live in an era of slideshow-loving content consumers — myself included. However, I must say that I appreciate that the author took every photo used in this slideshow (if you count a few screenshots), which also reassures readers that the author actually took the time to experiment with the apps listed to provide sufficient recommendations. It does make me wonder why he decided to take screenshots for the last few apps, though. And finally, a list of apps would not be complete without the cost of each, which is provided.

In the end, the slideshow, like many others due to its simple nature, became a very popular read within hours, garnering more than 103,000 views in just six hours.

Take a look at the 16 apps Kevin Smith recommends.