BostInno’s 50 on Fire

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Disclosure: I interned for BostInno the summer of 2012.

This week, BostInno published an impressive video, promoting its new 50 on Fire awards event that recognizes “inventors, disruptors, luminaries, and newsmakers.” I personally have not seen anything like this from BostInno, so this video is particularly informative and captivating, with its edgy music and graphics. It serves as something that can be easily shared via social media. In fact, I discovered the video (and thus learned the basics of the event) through a tweet, which I ended up retweeting. Adding this video helps to promote the event and attracts even people like me who probably will not be attending, to talk about it and share it. This is key to viral content nowadays — not whether something is full of meaningless SEO, but real and quality content, also known as content marketing. Check out the video yourself:

BostInno’s 50 on Fire from Bostinnovation on Vimeo.

Even more impressive is the separate website that was created just for this event. I’m a sucker for unique and beautiful designs, and this one-page website makes it simple to use and very attractive to the visitor. The innovative nature of BostInno (innovation is even in its name) further qualifies the event as Boston’s go-to celebration for up-and-coming locals. It’s rare for more traditional news sites, such as, to host similar events, so I really like the idea that BostInno is taking the initiative to recognize what is essentially Boston’s future.

BostInno's 50 On Fire
Screenshot of BostInno’s