• A YouTuber?
    As my thanks to you for following my blog, I am excited to share the video that I plan to present at Georgetown’s Summer Launch Showcase this Monday at 5 p.m. (You can register here […]
  • My First Fundraiser
    Kits to Heart has teamed up with the amazing Snarky Cancer to host our first-ever fundraiser! I’ve been so excited being able to share my new nonprofit to you all, and now it is officially a certified […]
  • Competitive Advantage
    The key phrases that entrepreneurs often hear include “competitive advantage” and “unique value proposition” (UVP). Intuitively, the related concepts boil down to the product’s or service’s special sauce. What is the special sauce that makes […]
  • Reality Isn’t Pretty
    As this final semester of graduate school winds down and with an in-person commencement forever postponed, there seems to be a strong disconnect between what universities want people to see, and what the majority of […]
  • Work from Home
    These days in quarantine—working from home for my final semester of graduate school, for Kits to Heart, and for my research job—scare me. And insanely, it is less about the pandemic itself and more about […]
  • Stronger Together
    This post was originally published on Stupid Cancer, the largest charity that comprehensively addresses young adult cancer. This time last year, I had finally returned home from my eleven-day stay in the hospital. Two of […]
  • I’m on Patreon
    If you follow a YouTube creator, you likely have heard of Patreon. I decided to launch my own Patreon page for Kits to Heart, the new nonprofit I’m working on that sends cancer care kits […]
  • Kits to Heart Wins Second Place
    UPDATE: Kits to Heart won second place!! The first place winner was amazing and has lots more traction than I do so far. I am so happy to have shared this idea with more than […]
  • Announcing Kits to Heart
    After much anticipation, I am so pleased to finally announce the soft launch of my social enterprise, Kits to Heart! What is it? Kits to Heart seeks to care for the whole person by providing […]
  • Revolutionizing Patient Care: Immunotherapy
    This post was originally published on Elephants and Tea, a magazine written for and by the AYA cancer community telling their story in their own words. This March is both my 27th birthday and my […]
  • A Long Way from ICU
    This time last year, I was on night five of my hospital stay. Feverish, my body was starting to prove just how powerful the mutant T-cells could be. Hours later, I woke up, rushing to […]
  • Thoughts on Covid-19
    Is it really still 2020? Never could I (nor anyone, unless you’re Bill Gates) could have known in December 2019, when I published my last post, that we would be socially distancing and hoarding more […]
  • End of a Decade
    With the start of a new decade fast approaching, I would describe the 2010s as the following: traumatic—oh, man, was it traumatic, yet miraculously full of hope. For one, the decade both began and ended […]
  • Big News
    HSUAN AND SONIA ARE ENGAGED! At last, I can call this man my fiancé, a more fitting term to describe a relationship in which the “boyfriend/girlfriend” labels seemed somehow inadequate. As my friends and family […]
  • All Clear
    It has been six months since my CAR-T infusion, and the PET/CT today confirmed that I remain in remission! After today, I no longer have monthly visits and now plan to return every three months—which […]
  • The Beginning
    After a brief hiatus as I tried re-adapting to the workload and pressures of graduate school, welcome back! I am blogging from Riggs Library at Georgetown, a quite beautiful space fit for reading, studying, and […]
  • First Day
    The first day of what hopefully will be my last year of grad school has come and gone, and in some ways, it feels like I’ve never left. After almost two years, I am able […]

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